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  1. I love it! I keep saying I need to buy this book, but I’ve been so busy with the move and watching every penny right now. Once I’m settled I will be buying it. I wish I had it for the trip….3 days in the car with my dad, ugh!

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  3. Hey there! I just purchased the kindle version today. 🙂 I’m looking forward to diving in and getting lost. (as soon as my mind shuts the hell up!) Thank you for sharing your story! I haven’t completed the book yet, but thank you for letting other people feel like they are not alone!

    • You are very welcome. I wrote the book for exactly that reason. So others would know they are not alone. And even though we have been saddled with this disease, we don’t have to let it ruin our lives. We can still accomplish a lot.

  4. I just wanted to hug you today! I am at the chapter where you were first diagnosed. My story is SO SIMILAR! (but aren’t they all, I suppose?) I have recommended your book to a couple of my friends (aside from my blog here on wordpress) who also wrestle with this beast. I hope they pick it up!

    • I want to hug you for giving my book a chance and letting it touch you. I’ll bet there are other parts of our experience that will be the same if not similar. We are all in this together. Hopefully Buzzkill will make you feel not so alone. And thank you for recommending it to others. We all have to meet for coffee sometime!!

  5. I love this book. Everyone who has any sort of relationship with someone with Bipolar Disorder should read this book. You are so good at putting into words what I feel.

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