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The Bipolar Perspective: The Fast Lane   Leave a comment


The internet has something in common with Burger King, and it’s not the pickles and onions. It’s the ability to “have it your way.” Do you think President Obama secretly wears a turban around the White House? That the moon landing was just a ruse to piss off the Russians? Or, do you think Bipolar disease was dreamed up by the pharmaceutical companies to produce a new class of drugs? Whatever your delight, there are a plethora of web sites that not only agree, but instigate these demented battle cries.


On the internet, just like in the Republican Party, facts are immaterial. If there aren’t any, make up your own. If you don’t like them, rewrite the truth. Forget what you learned in High School about annotating your work. People can check your work all they want, but they can’t stop the putrid flow of bull shit incessantly emanating from the continuous clicking of keyboards around the world.


When you hear the word Troll, you think of a child molester or rapist using the cover of anonymity provided by the internet to pursue his prey. He can pretend to be anyone to shoe horn his way into a random conversation, and then explode into a diatribe about his pre-teen foot fixation. But in actuality, an internet Troll is really just a name given to someone who goes into various internet forums and expresses unpopular opinions. Sometimes they even make personal attacks. However they come in all sizes and intellects.


However, are all internet Trolls really that small-minded and deviant? Many authors writing about a plethora of subjects are abhorred by anybody who isn’t writing in to cyber-kiss their ass or request an expert opinion. Anybody who challenges them or asks the tough questions causes a knee jerk reaction to delete the post and complain how the “Trolls” are ruining their site, blog, or whatever they think they are accomplishing online.


Bipolar Disease still has many mysteries behind it. We know it exists, but there is still more research to do on the brain and developing medications that are more effective and do less collateral damage. Yet you have self-proclaimed non-medical experts regurgitating all over your computer screen their advice. Some of them have even written books and wormed their way into the public speaking circuit, because we all know, if your wrote a book, you must be an expert. And then of course there is their daily blog to receive accolades for their work and extol extemporaneous advice to their minions. But try to have a challenging conversation with them about their expertise, and all of a sudden you’re a Troll.


Julie Fast (Bipolar Happens) is building her own empire based on being Bipolar. It’s not for me to evaluate the content of her books or knowledge. Nor shall I criticize the fact she is constantly making sure readers know she is the hostess with the mostess when it comes to suffering from Bipolar symptoms. But whenever someone challenges her on her blog, they are instantly a Troll. Then, deleting them and subjecting her readers to ranting and raving about how they are ruining her blog becomes the topic de jour. It’s such a major issue with her it often supersedes all the ass-kissing she usually laps up. Like a snake, dislocating her lower jaw so she can get every single morsel into that jacked-up self-image in her brain perched on her frontal lobe like a hood ornament.


So why do I even care about Julie Fast’s Troll issues? Is it because she is always talking about her career, managers and pillow fluffers, which upsets me, because I have none of that? Is it because according to Julie, she has a flourishing public speaking career, and the closest I get to that is singing in the car with the windows down? Or, could it be because I seek the fame and fortune she has that is rightfully mine? No, it’s because I asked one of her bloggers “what he did for a living when he wasn’t doing motivational speaking?” And for some reason Julie deemed that inappropriate and deleted my question. Or maybe it was her manager or water-boy who did that. But that is what triggered me to write this post. Hey, nonsense happens.


I am Bipolar. That does not make me an expert. I only talk and write about my experiences and opinions related to the disease. I don’t give medical advice nor delete posts unless they are racist. Otherwise, I enjoy on topic verbal sparring. It’s what makes things interesting. I did write a book about my experiences being Bipolar, but I try not to make this a nauseating promotional forum. And I don’t want anyone kissing my Bipolar ass, unless it’s the check-out girl at the Bodega down the street, and that is completely sexual.


All Trolls are welcome on my blog. Although, I prefer to call them contributors to the discussion. If I said it, I’m open to debate. I have no staff screening comments or telling me what to do or say. My proverbial door is open. Just stay on topic.


My Grandfather used to say “variety is the spice of life.” If we all agreed, didn’t ask the tough questions and challenge one another, what is the point of having a blog? I am not asking for discourse. But hey, “Shit Happens.”

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