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I have to apologize. Yesterday I wrote a blog entitled “A Bipolar White House.”  The theme was pointing out the documentable bold-faced string of lies Mitt Romney and the Republican Party have been telling to kick off the 2012 Presidential race.  I called them psychotic for being able to tell lies with no remorse, which by definition is a true psychotic feature.  Then I went on to document some specific instances.  I closed the blog commenting someone with Bipolar Illness could never be elected to the Office of President, but a psychopath like Mitt Romney can.

I only received one negative comment, and that was from a strange man trying to pitch his polar bear book on my Buzzkill Facebook Page and this blog site.  But one thing he said made me think.  He told me to stop trying to be a political pundit.  I wasn’t, but it might have seemed that way.  Or, he is the only person who didn’t understand the underlying theme at which I was driving.

Regardless,  my book Buzzkill is dedicated to very real bipolar issues as is my blog and Facebook page.  It’s not a site about political agendas, unless they intersect with bipolar interests.  So, I am going to take special care not to comment on things unless they directly relate to the bipolar spectrum of discourse.  I have very distinct political views, but that’s not what this forum is all about.

So if anyone was disappointed in yesterday’s choice of topic, I apologize and promise to get back on point.  If you did like it, I’m glad  but I can’t continue in that direction.  And to the polar bear book promoting guy, although you took some cheap shots at me being bipolar, I’m going to turn the other cheek.  My ass cheek.

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